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Tundra Swans

As I drove past the field just outside of Stayner, my peripheral vision registered a flock of seagulls in a field, a common occurrence in rainy weather. But something wasn't right. My brain kicked out of autopilot and noted that the birds were too big to be seagulls. I braked, turned around and headed back to the field. I could hardly believe what I saw, a field with dozens and dozens of swans! At first I thought they were trumpeter swans, but after some research later at home, I realized they were tundra swans! This field a rest stop during the migration from their wintering grounds on the eastern seaboard, to their summer home in the Canadian Arctic. I'm so glad I had my camera with me to capture this truly amazing sight!

tundraswansClearviewOntarioStaynerfieldtundra swansDiane Hammond

From Photoblog 2016