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Stonehenge #6

April, 2012. Wiltshire, Great Britain.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this ancient stone circle evolved between 3,000 BC and 1,600 BC. Aligned with midsummer sunrise and midwinter sunset, Stonehenge is a source of inspiration and fascination for some, and for others, a place of worship and celebration.

Visitors to this site up 'til the early 1970s were allowed to wander among the stones and even chip off pieces as souvenirs. That practice has ended and visitors are now kept back from the stones by a low, very unobtrusive fence. As you walk the perimeter of the area you are treated to views from different distances and sight lines. We arrived at Stonehenge right after a fierce rain and hail storm blew through. The residual clouds provided a dramatic backdrop. My little travel camera, Canon's new G1X has manual controls that gave me some hope of working with exposure in both harsh open spaces and dark interiors.

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Stonehenge70871683733652012AprilEnglandblack and whitemonochromaticUnited KingdomNikSilver Efex Pro 2UNESCO World Heritage Site

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