About Diane Hammond - Dibytes Photo Art

My name is Diane Hammond and I live in beautiful Collingwood, Ontario, nestled between the slopes of Blue Mountain and the shores of Georgian Bay. I am a retired educator who has discovered a passion for photography – I have simply fallen in love with it! No matter what else may be going on in my life, I never let a single day go by without capturing a moment in visual form. Looking through the lens of my camera helps me to filter out the ‘background noise’ of life and focus on the essence of a scene, be it a shape, colour, texture, pattern or mood. Sometimes the picture I see in my mind’s eye is best expressed as an abstraction, other times a realistic portrayal.

My photo art has been displayed at numerous venues in the Collingwood, Ontario area: Georgian Bay Association for Creative Arts (GBACA) outdoor art shows, Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts Gallery, Meaford Hall, Collingwood Library, Georgian Bay Artisan Markets at the Tremont, the office of Drs. Hammond and Raymond, the model suite in the sales centre of The Shipyards, and the showroom of Corinthian Kitchens and Baths.

Mostly I make photographs for myself, as an outlet for creative expression. I share my photos here in the hope that something I’ve shot resonates with others, that just for a moment we connect…

If you wish to purchase any of my photos you have two options:

1. Use the Buy  button to acquire an instant digital download. You are then free to use the downloaded photo on the web, in projects or publications, or printed to your own taste, (according to the product license agreement).

2. Contact me if you wish to purchase custom prints.

Please feel free to contact me with comments, questions or inquiries through the Contact Me form in the top navigation bar!


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